A great alternative

A great alternative
A great alternative
A great alternative


*This is a demo listing*

A website made for people who want to use cryptocurrencies for real life cases. A great alternative to Airbnb and Booking, with more features and no fees.

Rent out your property, provide an activity or a service, or simply upload your business to our crypto-businesses directory.

And check out our new long term rentals and real estate categories!

Much more to come!


Operated by registered business
Multisig wallet: Bitpay, Electrum
Cryptocurrencies accepted: BTC, XMR
Maximum capacity: 2
Square meters: 125
Square feet: 1,270
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Age restriction: 18
Pets: Cats Only
Smoking: Not allowed
Availability: From 24 Apr 2024
Maintenance fee: 350/month
Other mandatory costs: electricity, internet, water
Conditions and prerequisites: Payment of 1 month in advance
Listed since: 2 Jan 2024
Equipment and essentials

bed linens, blackout shades, closets, coffee maker, dryer, fan, fully equipped kitchen, hair dryer, hangers, toiletries, towels, washing machine, water kettle, wifi

forest access, pets area, scenic views, tennis court, TV streaming service

bars, restaurants, coffeehouses, public transport, shops, tourist attractions



5.0 (1)
Registered business agent
Languages: English, French, German
Free services: Airport pickup, Tourist information
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This is an excellent way to review properties

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