Terms and Conditions

Some terms appearing in these Terms and Conditions and how they are used

  • Staynsee: the name of this service and this website. Also referred to as “Staynsee.com”, “us”, “we” and “our website”.
  • Terms and Conditions: the conditions applicable on any of our websites. Also referred to as “Terms”.
  • User: anybody accessing Staynsee.com and accepting its privacy policy and its terms and conditions. Also referred to as “individual”, “customer”, “you”. Bots or any software impersonating humans are not considered users.
  • Item: in the context of these Terms, it refers to any publication uploaded by users with the intention of renting it out or providing a service to other users. It may be an apartment, a guided tour, a bicycle rental, or any other similar publication. Item may be also referred to as “listing”.
  • Content: anything that users upload to our website, including items (listings), messages and emails to us or other users, pictures, videos, comments, reviews, etc.
  • Vendor: a user that uploads an item to rent out or to provide a service. Also referred to as “provider” or “host”.
  • Customer: a user that transacts with a vendor. Also referred to as “guest”.
  • Third party: any company or service we directly or indirectly interact with.
  • Fiat currency: any currency designated as legal tender by government regulations or law. It includes most currencies used worldwide, like the US Dollar, the Euro, etc…

You have to agree explicitly to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy before using our website(s). A pop-up or any sort of agreement form should be clearly displayed any time you try to access our website(s) for the first time (after the website is officially in operation), or in a new session. If you use software to block those pop-ups, you should not access our website(s). Similarly, if a software error occurs on our side due to which this pop-up is not being displayed, we will apply modifications as soon as we notice or are notified of this malfunction.

These Terms apply to the access and use of our websites, independently of which device you choose to connect to it (mobile, laptop, etc…).

We reserve the right to change our Terms at any time. Nevertheless, they are written in such a way that changes on our website remain covered by the same Terms.

Purpose of Staynsee

Staynsee functions as an online multi-vendor marketplace in which users only use cryptocurrencies as payment method. Vendors may upload listings with the intention to rent something out or to provide a service. Customers will be able to search for listings and rent them directly from the vendor, or pay a vendor to provide some service. It operates in a similar way to popular services like Airbnb, but offers extended functionality and works peer to peer, focusing on connecting vendors and customers who want to transact with cryptocurrencies only.

A fiat currency (USD) equivalent price will be shown on some of our pages as reference to our users, but at no point does Staynsee use fiat currency itself. We do not charge any amount of fiat currency to offer any of our services. Neither does Staynsee exchange any cryptocurrency into fiat currency to offer any of our services (we are not an exchange service). Except for uploading listings, all transactions between users occur without intervention from Staynsee, and all payments are equally settled between users without our intervention (Staynsee does not pay out its users).

Disclaimers and limited liability

When you visit or use our website and/or its services in any way, you do so solely at your own risk.

We offer our services through the use of servers located in different countries, and might change those servers at any time. Since we may operate from -and offer our services in- different countries, before browsing our website you should be familiar with applicable laws, rules, or regulations in your jurisdiction regarding the services we provide. Please do not use this website if it is not permitted for you to do so for any reason. If a user can’t or won’t accept these Terms, it is not allowed to use our services.

No part of what is written in any of our website(s) or in our correspondence with our users (via email or other means) constitutes legal advice. Any advice or recommendation given is for information purposes only.

Staynsee is not responsible for the loss of your funds due to failures or erroneous usage of the services and software you use, such as, but not limited to:

  • Blockchains used to transact
  • Cryptocurrency exchange services used to transact (by you)
  • Cryptocurrency wallets used to transact (by you)
  • Any other software or hardware used which is not under our direct control

Within the scope of the applicable laws in your jurisdiction, Staynsee will not be held liable to you or any third parties in the event of direct, indirect or other sorts of damages (such as loss of profits, commercial losses, business interruptions, etc) derived from the use (or misuse) of this website and/or its services, including those related to third parties Staynsee may operate with.

Staynsee has no contractual relationship with any of the vendors (providers) listed on the website, whether they are hosts, activities or services providers, or owners of businesses listed in our business directory. Vendors are liable for their own operations. If those operations are considered illegal in their jurisdiction, we will remove those vendors as soon as this is known to us.

User accounts

If you can’t agree, or don’t agree to our Terms, or you are not of legal age to use this website according to laws in your jurisdiction, you may not open an account (register) with us. Opening an account is required to make use of most of the websites’ functionality. It is not required just to browse the website.

If you upload content or posts to our website(s), that content or those posts have to comply with all applicable rules, regulations or laws in your jurisdiction. We will remove any content or posts that we knowingly infringe those rules, regulations or laws.

We reserve the right to close your account at any time. You will be notified beforehand about the reasons and dates if possible. If some order was still in progress during the closure time, we will make sure the order is fulfilled before the closing.

Uploading a listing and using our services

Users wanting to upload a listing must register first using a valid email address. Listings are restricted to certain categories from which the user has to select one. Listings will be moderated before being published, and can be denied. The user will then receive an email with the reason for the denial, and will have the chance to upload a listing again, as long as it is in accordance with this Terms. Amendments to listings must still comply with our Terms and all legal requirements in the users’ jurisdiction and all jurisdictions in which Staynsee has servers.

Users can report illegal content via our website if we unknowingly allowed it to be uploaded. We will remove that content as soon as we are informed about it and confirm that it is indeed illegal or breaches our Terms.

Motives to remove listings include, but are not limited to: creating accounts to add fake reviews to users’ own listings, users duplicating listings, or other users’ reports confirming that a listing itself might be fake.

Users that do not upload listings but wish to make reservations, post comments, write reviews, report listings, and/or send messages to us or other users via email or internal messaging, must also open an account on our website with a valid email address. For these users, the use of this website is free, and any payment will directly be done to the respective item (listing) provider. Staynsee does not charge any fees or commissions on reservations made by users.

  • Only a few featured listings appear at the top of each listing search result page. The order of appearance is random.
  • Featured listings are not tied to categories, and will display a different border and a special badge on them on the listings page.

General conditions applicable to all plans

  • Plans are tied to categories. A plan in the Stays category can’t be used to upload a listing in the Activities and Services category.
  • Plans do not expire. As long as there is a listing remaining in the plan, new listings can be uploaded.
  • Listings do expire after the mentioned “active” time in the plan. Days until expiration start counting only after a listing is submitted. Each listing will have its own expiration date depending on the date it was submitted.
  • An expired listing still exists but is hidden to the public until renewed.

User conduct and copyright

No part of this website may be copied or reproduced without our express consent.

Any use of this website outside of the purpose described in this Terms is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, cases such as data mining, the use of robots, modification of any part of the website or any other sort of action that may affect its usability or the services therein.


Payments made to Staynsee will generally not be refunded, but will be looked at on a case by case basis if the situation requires. Refunds of payments made between users will be dealt with as per the users’ own refunds terms, if published on their listings.

Our full payments and refunds terms are covered in our Payments and Refunds Policy page.

Third parties

We do not control any aspect of our third parties products and/or services, and thus you use our services at your own risk. These aspects include the quality, validity, warranties and legality, amongst others.

We might reference products and/or services by name (brand) or trademark, or by any other identifiable way. This does not imply legal binding, endorsement, sponsorship, or any other relation to that brand.

If we publish a link to some third party, the Terms and Conditions (or any similar name that refers to those) of their website or service apply.

Validity of these Terms

For visitors to our website, these Terms and Conditions will remain valid from the moment of visit until the visitor leaves our website. Any non logged in user is considered a visitor.

For registered users, these Terms and Conditions will remain valid from the moment the user registers on our website until the user decides to delete his/her account. After logging in, on each visit of a registered user, these Terms will apply no matter if the user is only browsing the site, checking his user account, paying for any product, or any other possible interaction with our website.

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