Privacy policy

Some terms appearing in this privacy policy and how they are used

  • Staynsee: the name of this service and this website. Also referred to as “”, “us”, “we” and “our”.
  • User: anybody accessing and accepting its privacy policy and its terms and conditions. Also referred to as “individual”, “customer”, “you”. Bots or any software impersonating humans are not considered users.
  • Personal data: any information that relates to a user who can be directly or indirectly identified with it. Also referred to as “information” or simply “data”.
  • Third party: any company or service we directly or indirectly interact with, and may have access to your personal data.

A short introduction

We care about privacy and we respect if users want to remain as anonymous as possible. We generally do not request real names, addresses or any other personally identifiable data. Any user should be aware that most (not all) public blockchain transactions are traceable and could be tracked to one’s real identity if the transaction history contains some addresses originating from centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc, where customers are identified. Our mission is to provide a good service and not to collect data.

We offer our services through the use of servers located in different countries, and might change those servers at any time. Therefore, this privacy policy is as broad as possible as to comply with most countries’ data protection policies.

Since we may operate from, and offer our services to, different countries, you have to be aware of the applicable laws, rules, or regulations, if any, regarding the services we provide . Please do not use this website if it is not permitted for you to do so for any reason. If you do, we are not responsible for the data collected about you.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. Nevertheless, it is written in such a way that changes on our website are normally still covered by the same privacy policy.

What personal data do we collect

  • Direct collection: we collect information that you voluntarily provide to us. This includes information you send us through the forms located on our website, through emails you send us and through cryptocurrency interactions. For example: email address, some name, and cryptocurrency addresses. Some cookies must be used to keep the website functional. These include cookies to store open session data (to remember you while you are actively navigating our site), and temporary login cookies for instance.
  • Indirect collection: our service interacts with third parties that may receive some of your personal data. Usually this data is anonymized, but could be linked to real identities using different techniques. Examples covering most of it are:
    • Our hosting provider might collect and store some of your data when you access our site. Except for the data we collect directly as stated above, this is out of our control and their privacy policies apply. We do not knowingly send them any. They might collect IP addresses, device model, browser type, access location, etc… They might do so through cookies or any other advanced algorithm.
    • Our website editor and any plugin installed to increase its functionality could have access to some of your data. For example, the software used to create forms that you can fill out on our website. This is covered in their own privacy policies and out of the scope of ours.
    • Our email provider could store and use some of your personal data. Emails usually contain lots of metadata and therefore we always recommend separating email addresses for different uses. This makes tracking a user across the internet more difficult.
    • Your own browser might collect personal data automatically as well, which is also beyond the scope of this policy. Our website uses SSL, which should make sure that your browser does not “see” what you do on it.
    • Third party cookies may be generated by third party plugins used by us, or by embedded content linking to external parties. The latter is not covered by this policy.

All cookies, directly or indirectly collected, must be accepted to use our website. All first time users should see a banner at the bottom of the screen asking for acceptance of these cookies. As stated before, our objective is not to collect and/or sell your data, but to provide a good service. We therefore keep the use of cookies to a bare minimum to operate the website properly and to possibly improve it analyzing our traffic.

How do we use your personal data

  • Data directly collected by us: we only use some of your personal data strictly to provide our service to you. This includes a name and an email addresses to communicate with you or to deliver products in electronic (digital) format to you, or cryptocurrency addresses to process transactions. We might use a private statistics and analytics plugin to see how many users visit us and how they interact with our website, with the purpose of increasing our search engine rankings. We avoid using Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, or any other Big Tech related tracking software.
  • Data indirectly collected: all personal data not collected directly by us as stated above is generally not knowingly or willingly used by us. The only exception might be the use of some data provided automatically to us by our hosting provider. We might use that strictly for statistical purposes that can help us improve our search engine rankings, ease of use of our website, and other metrics. If provided to us, this can include, for instance: number of visitors to our website, countries of access, type of device (mobile, laptop…), etc. We will never try to link personal data to identify any specific user.

Which personal data do we share with third parties

Our website may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.) from other websites, which behaves in the exact same way as if the user had visited the other website. These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, including tracking your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account and are logged in to that website.

Email addresses you provide to us could be stored by our email provider.

Depending on the cryptocurrencies used, transactions, and therefore cryptocurrency addresses, could be publicly visible on their available blockhain explorers (websites that publish all blockchain transactions recorded).

Any other personal data is not voluntarily shared with other third parties.

How long do we retain your data

  • Data directly collected by us: if needed, we might keep this data up to one year. In general it will be stored for 40 days. After that it will be deleted from our records.
  • Data indirectly collected: we have no control over the length of time third parties might keep your data. Unfortunately, we would have to refer you to each individual known third party and their policies.

How is your data protected

We make a reasonable effort, within the limits of technical and economic resources, to store and protect your data safely. This includes SSL certificates to encrypt the actions you do on our website, and the use of offline storage (external hard disks, USBs, laptops…) for files containing sensitive information. We also make sure that we don’t keep your data longer than needed, reducing the risks of data leakages should a breach in security occur.

Your rights over your data

For as long as we keep data we collect directly from you, you have the right to: access it, modify it, restrict its usage, or delete any of it.

Simply fill out our contact form indicating your request and the email address linked to the data you wish to amend. If workload allows, we maintain a 60 day window to attend your request.

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