Casa Lunarito – Room N°121 (Roberto)

Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)
Casa Lunarito - Room N°121 (Roberto)


Explore our Casa Rural rooms with air conditioning, jacuzzi, and panoramic views. A fusion of Andalusian tradition and modern comforts in Vejer de la Frontera. Book now and enjoy a unique experience combining history, comfort, and breathtaking landscapes.

Our Casa Rural in Vejer offers terraces with views of the old town of Vejer de la Frontera in a restored Andalusian house that blends historical charm with WiFi, television, and equipped mini kitchens.

Every corner reflects our rich regional heritage, providing an authentic and welcoming atmosphere.

We eagerly look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience at Casa Lunarito!


Operated by registered business
Cryptocurrencies accepted: Alts, BTC, BTC (Lightning), BUSD, USDC, USDT, XMR
Maximum capacity: 2
Square meters: 20
Square feet: 215
Check-in: After 16:00
Check-out: Before 11:00
Bedrooms: 1
Beds: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Age restriction: 18
Pets: Not Allowed
Smoking: Not allowed
Equipment and essentials

air conditioning, bed linens, blackout shades, closets, coffee maker, hair dryer, hangers, heating, iron, security cameras, towels, TV, washing machine, water kettle, wifi, working area

jacuzzi, scenic views

ATM, bars, restaurants, beaches or sea, coffeehouses, nature, nightlife, public transport, shops, tourist attractions

  • Contract
    When booking a room on the Website, you request accommodation from Casa Lunarito. If the room is available, and by fulfilling all the requirements detailed in these Terms and Conditions, Casa Lunarito will provide you with a reservation confirmation. Room reservation requests made directly to Casa Lunarito or through third parties are not binding and do not obligate Casa Lunarito to enter into a contract. Casa Lunarito always has the right to refuse to enter into a contract and provide a room at its sole and discretionary discretion until the requirements detailed in this document have been met.
  • Make a reservation and pay
    Follow the instructions on the Website to make a reservation. The price of each room is the one that appears on the Website as calculated by the integrated system at the time of making your reservation. The total price of the room includes VAT and the other services that you have selected in the reservation. It is possible that you can add additional services during your stay. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation you have made if we have not received the corresponding payment. The reservation of a room at Casa Lunarito can only be guaranteed by meeting all of the following requirements:

    • You provide valid and complete data in the form on the Website
    • You provide valid information about the persons that are traveling with you (number of Adults and/or Children for each room) as well as about the possible presence of an animal
    • You pay the full price
    • You have received a confirmation from Casa Lunarito
  • Your reservation is not transferable. You may not transfer or resell your reservation or otherwise advertise or offer for sale a room at Casa Lunarito. We are under no obligation to maintain any re-sold or transferred reservations and accept no liability in this regard. You must ensure that the full name and email address on the reservation are correct at the time of booking. You must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation with us and to stay alone. If a client under the age of 18 shows up at Casa Lunarito, they will not be allowed to stay alone. We may require a photo ID (driver’s license or passport) as proof of your age. If you do not provide us with a valid document according to the criteria of Casa Lunarito, we can cancel your reservation without the right to return
  • Arrival and departure
    You can enter the room from 16:00 on the expected arrival date. You must leave the room before 11:00 on the scheduled departure date and you must leave the room free of persons and property and without any damage. In the event that the room is not vacated before 11:00 on the day of departure, compensation corresponding to the value of a one-night stay in the same room will be charged immediately, with only the right to use the room in that period if Casa Lunarito has room availability. Otherwise you will have to pay the compensation and leave the room as soon as possible
  • Your stay. Requirements for you and for the people included in your reservation
    The maximum occupancy of each room is detailed on the Website. You will not be able to exceed the maximum occupancy indicated for the type of room you have contracted. Children under 4 years of age do not count in the number of people in the room, with a maximum of 2 children under 4 years of age per double room. Please indicate the number of children in the ‘Notes’ field of the reservation. Only you and the people indicated in the reservation will have the right to use the reserved rooms and common spaces of Casa Lunarito.
    It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the rooms or cause discomfort to other clients of Casa Lunarito by smoking in the common spaces.
    You must not leave minors under the age of 18 unattended in rooms or common areas at any time.
    You agree not to use the rooms or facilities of Casa Lunarito to carry out any commercial activity or any activity for profit without the prior written consent of Casa Lunarito.
    You will not be able to bring potentially dangerous or illegal items into our facilities.
    You will not damage or interfere with any of our property. If you do, we may cancel your reservation. You must immediately notify Casa Lunarito of any damage caused to our establishment or our property. At our sole discretion, we may request immediate reimbursement of our reasonable expenses during your stay or mandate a third party to recover our reasonable costs for any repair, replacement or specialized cleaning in that we incur if you cause any damage to the rooms, facilities or common spaces of Casa Lunarito. Upon request, we will send you a breakdown of these costs to the address indicated in the reservation.
    You must not cause any kind of inconvenience to other customers, our staff or our neighbors, among others, inconvenience caused by noise. If you do not respect the above rules during your stay, we may cancel your reservation and ask you to leave Casa Lunarito immediately. We will keep the money you have paid for that reservation. If we believe your breach is serious enough, we may not accept any future bookings you make and/or ban you from entry or accommodation. Casa Lunarito will have the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract if you or the people included in your reservation or the animals under your responsibility have any behavior that affects the healthy coexistence, calm or hygiene of Casa Lunarito, especially if during your stay at Casa Lunarito you or the people included in your reservation are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, use the room for prostitution, act offensively towards Casa Lunarito staff or towards other people present at Casa Lunarito or disturb the peace of other people.
    In any case, Casa Lunarito will apply the codes of conduct it deems appropriate in its facilities.
  • Additional services
    We offer you a series of additional services when you make a reservation. The price of the room does not include additional services, unless we indicate it during the reservation. You can buy additional services directly at Casa Lunarito during your stay, except for the additional service that consists of adding an animal to your reservation. This additional service has to be subscribed during the reservation phase. Additional services are always subject to availability. If you have purchased any additional services when booking and they are not available when you arrive at the hotel, we will refund the price you paid. We will not transfer the additional services to another reservation nor can the additional services be cancelled, unless the related reservation is canceled and refunded.
  • Pets
    The introduction of animals in Casa Lunarito is allowed in some of the rooms on the ground floor and only upon payment of the applicable rate, as indicated on the Website and will be limited to one animal per room. Only well behaved and clean animals that do not present any danger or nuisance to the other occupants and the facilities will be authorized. You must not leave your pet unattended in the rooms or common areas at any time. Animals are only allowed in the Casa Lunarito patio and are prohibited on the terraces and corridors of the upper floors and in the Spa. Dogs must always be on a leash in the common areas of Casa Lunarito. At our sole discretion, we may request immediate reimbursement for our reasonable expenses caused by your pet during your stay, such as damage or unusual soiling. Guide dogs and signal dogs can stay for free and are not subject to the restrictions, but you will need to notify Casa Lunarito first
  • Responsibility
    Casa Lunarito’s liability regime will be governed by local and regional regulations, in addition to Spanish law. It is strongly recommended not to leave any money, jewelry, valuables or other valuable items at Casa Lunarito. Casa Lunarito does not assume any responsibility in the event of theft, loss or deterioration of valuables such as money, jewelry or other objects of considerable value if such events take place at Casa Lunarito
  • Claims for material defects
    You must inspect the room upon arrival and immediately report any defects you may find. Any defect that appears during the stay must be communicated as soon as you realize it. In the event that it is verified that there is indeed a defect in the room, Casa Lunarito has the right to choose between repairing it or relocating you to a similar room. For the purposes mentioned above, only serious defects and capable of jeopardizing the level of service and quality of Casa Lunarito are considered, and Casa Lunarito is not obliged to take action in the case of irrelevant, unreasonable or related complaints. with details that do not conflict with the minimum level of service contracted. In the event that Casa Lunarito does not have the necessary means to repair the relevant defect or to replace your room with another of a similar or higher category, you may terminate the contract and receive the value paid for the room, not being able to demand anything more than Casa Lunarito by any title whatsoever.
  • Access to the rooms by Casa Lunarito
    Casa Lunarito staff has the right to enter the rooms during your stay in order to carry out cleaning, repair and similar work.
  • Data Protection
    We inform you that Casa Lunarito is responsible for the processing of your personal data for the purposes of development, execution and control of the relationship agreed for the provision of services. The basis of the treatment will be the conclusion of the contractual relationship. The identification of the parties is an essential requirement to formalize the contractual relationship.
  • Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
    These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law. Any dispute arising from the provision of services by Casa Lunarito will be submitted to the Spanish courts.

  • You can freely cancel or modify the reserved room and additional services up to 7 days before the arrival date that you indicated at the time of booking. In this case, Casa Lunarito will restore the values ​​paid less the blockchain fees. The means of reimbursement will be determined by mutual agreement of the parties.
  • In the event that the reservation cancellation request is made less than 7 days before the arrival date that you have indicated at the time of booking, Casa Lunarito will charge you the full price you have paid, including the additional services requested.
  • Cancellations or modifications of rooms at Casa Lunarito must be made by sending an email to and using the email address that has been provided at the time of booking. Cancellations or modifications will only be effective when you have received a confirmation from Casa Lunarito from an address ending with This confirmation is your insurance against wrong billing.
  • If you do not show up at Casa Lunarito on the scheduled arrival date, it will be considered a no-show and your reservation will be cancelled. In accordance with our cancellation policy, no refund will be made and the full amount will be charged.
  • Please note that any modification is subject to availability and the price of the room may vary. Once you have arrived at Casa Lunarito, you will not be able to modify or cancel the corresponding reservation.
  • If you do not make the payment when you are due or do not comply with these conditions, we can cancel your reservation immediately, notifying you in advance by email.
  • If any event beyond our control could prevent us from maintaining an already guaranteed reservation for which you have already received a confirmation, we may have to cancel it by notifying you in advance by email. In this case, we will fully refund any payment you have made for said reservation, including additional services and commissions.



Registered business agent
Languages: English, French, Spanish
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